Friday, August 23, 2013

Shaver Lake

We had an absolute blast camping at Shaver Lake last weekend.  The days were warm, the nights were cold, the lake was clear, and the company was perfect.
 Our campsite =)

 Luke's taking a break from setting up.  

 And we're off on our first hike.  Our Mission: to find the perfect walking sticks for everyone.  

 About 1/4 of the way through our hike we came across this beautiful meadow.

 The highlight of our trip: fishing.  This was the boys and my first time fishing!  We rented a pontoon boat for the morning, grabbed our poles, and set out.

 These two. ❤  Matt reeled in the first fish!!  He was about 7 inches, but you would've thought we had caught a prize-winning bass.  =)

 Enjoying the day with my boys.  I wish days like this would last forever...

 After exploring a few coves, we found this giant rock about 35 yards off the beach.  The boys all swam out to explore~ even Matty was somehow able to conquer his fear of crabs being in the lake to join Nate and the brothers out there.  =)

 And to cap out our trip, we stopped to grab dinner at Shaver Lake Pizza parlor.  =) Caleb could not get enough... soda.  

Seriously, one of the best times the Karrer family has had.❤

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Working & Playing in Avila

Well, we took an impromptu mini-vacation the other day.  Nate had to work over at the coast and it was just too beautiful to not stay an extra day for fun. =)

 This is what it looked like when we drove in.  I mean, come on.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Boys Camping Trip

In mid-January Nate took the boys on an overnight camping trip to Morro Bay.  I was informed a few weeks before they left that there were "No Girls Allowed".  This was boy-time; campfires, sand, holey-jeans, hotdogs~ no frilly stuff.☺ So off they went with the tent and the cooler... and had a blast!! Even after Caleb threw up in the tent because of all the junk food and in the middle of the night Nate had to take them over to sleep at mom & dad's beach house, everyone still said it was the best time ever.☺ 
 Just got the tent set up and are ready to go explore the beach.  Notice: No sand on the clothes just yet.  This is how they left me.
 This is after exploring the beach.  Notice: sand covering pants, shirts, and appendages.  This is how they look after 5 hours with dad.  They are so much happier!☺ Daddies really are the best.
 Cooking over the campfire

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas✞

Merry Christmas everyone! What a fun holiday season this was this year with a whole other family in our house.  The Luchaus moved in with us just after Thanksgiving and the 6 kids were a blast on Christmas morning.  I mean, there was wrapping paper for days ☺.  Hope everyones Christmas was just as wonderful!
Here is our living room on Christmas Eve, nice and neat and orderly.  The way mom likes it☺
 Out come the stockings.  There is so much tradition and family memories that come during all of our holiday seasons, but especially at Christmas.  This stocking, and all of my family's stocking, are made by my mom.  Each one takes her anywhere from 1-9 months, depending on the level of difficulty and the time she is able to devote to it.  She has made well over 30 different stockings and they are very precious to us.  Here is Matthew, happy to be pulling out even the smallest amount of chocolate from his.☺
 Caleb got yet another item to add to his Thomas the Tank Engine collection.  This time it is Sir Topham Hatt.
 This just cracks me up.  First, I just love Wyatt's Buzz Lightyear pj's.  They are so bright you can see them from down the street.  These two could not wait to get the rescue vehicles out of their box.
 One of Matt's prize presents: A Battle Island Playset.  Awesome.☺
 My biggest boy got a big boy gift this year: A new watch.  He loved it!
 Ha, here is CJ with yet another Thomas toy.  He is just so excited.
Finally he got the remote controlled helicopter he had wanted all year.  He raised his arm and yelled "YES!" ☺

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Luke's 7th Birthday

As with Luke's 6th birthday, we celebrated his 7th birthday at Camelot Park riding the mini go-karts and playing miniature golf.  He invited two of his good friends, Jaden & Holden, and along with Matt and Caleb, we had a great time!  They are such big boys, but there is just something very wrong with seeing them driving their own cars...  Afterward we stopped for dinner at Chick Fil-A and then for an ice cream cake at Baskin Robbins.We had a great night, celebrating our oldest boy... he is turning in to such a compassionate, loving and mature little man.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

We love the Banducci Pumpkin Patch!  For the last four years we, along with our friends the Congdons, have taken our families out to this great pumpkin patch south of town.  The first year we went there were 4 children between our two families~ now there are 8, with one more on the way for the Congdons!  I love looking back at the pictures from 2006 and seeing how much the kiddos have grown.  Here is a photo of Luke and Matthew from our first year...

...and a photo from this year...
I mean, how sad is that?!  Anyway, this year after the picture taking Nate and Tony took the kids through the corn maze and over to see all the farm animals while Jen and I hung out with the 2 youngest Congdons...
Brenna & Olivia.  As always, we had a great time with our little pumpkin patch tradition.  Here are a few more pics from the day:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Matthew's 5th Birthday pictures

Happy Birthday Matt!
 A little less than 1 month ago, on September 29th, our Matthew Paul turned 5 years old.  We actually had several little celebrations for him.  Earlier in September my parents held a "September Birthdays" dinner for everyone in our family, then we had a little birthday party at our home for Matt and all his friends, then on his actual birthday Nate and I went to school with our big boy and passed out cupcakes to all his classmates!  He had a great time at each one of his little parties.  While it's hard for us to believe that he has hit this mini-milestone it is such a joy watching him grow up.  He's becoming a very smart, thoughtful, hilarious guy who is a treasure to his brothers and us!  We love this little boy and are so happy the Lord gave him to us to look after.  What a blessing children are!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello Again

Fall is here! Apparently (on this blog at least) Summer 2010 never existed... sorry about that. ☺  The “happenings” around this house are as follows:

* Homeschool has started back up! Yay!!  Monday marked the start of our 9th week this year, with Matthew in Kindergarten and Luke in 1st grade.  There was definitely an adjustment period while I fumbled with our schedule, but now everything is running quite smoothly.  We set up the office into the school-room and Nate let me buy these great desks for the boys.  Even Caleb has a desk, which is stocked with coloring books and crayons, so he can sit in with us while I teach. Both Luke & Matt like math the best and both kind-of sigh as we get into reading, but they really are great students.  I am again reminded how blessed we are to be able to have our boys home with us for school!'

* Extra-curriculur activities have also begun.  This year Luke chose to try out Taekwondo and Matty is in a swimming class.  It is hysterical to watch Luke do his warm-ups and drills.  The last warm-up exercises are laps around the gymnasium and Luke is determined to run faster then the other boys.  He's so competitive! His good friend Jaden is also in his class and they just have a great time together.

Matty became a pretty good swimmer this summer and is doing equally well in his class.  His coach has him learning the butterfly stroke at the moment (which seems a little odd for a 5 year old, but what do I know?). He's also diving for rings and practicing his kicks.  He loves being in the water.  

* Caleb is alive and just happy to be Caleb ☺  His day is mostly spent playing with his brothers and eating~ it's a good life.  His little personality is as dynamic as ever and he reminds me of his daddy more and more every day.  He and I get some special time together on Wednesday mornings while the big boys  are at their enrichment classes, and he is a blast to hang out with!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Matthew's First Day at Valley Oaks

Welcome to Kindergarten, Matty!
Here is the "gang". =) Jaden, Taya, Luke, Matt and Reese are all VOCS students now!  Matthew is so excited to have his friends (or cousins, as he calls them) in his enrichment classes.
 I love this picture of my boys.  I love that Matthew has his hand on his big brothers backpack, easing his nervousness.  He is always more confident when Luke is with him, knowing his big brother will watch over him.  These brothers love each other.
 Walking to his first tractor ride!  He is actually very excited, despite the look of intrigue on his face.  The tractor takes them to their enrichment classes, and then brings them back to the school when the day is done.  When I picked the boys up Matthew had such a huge grin on his face.  He loved his first day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Caleb and the Candy Cane

I found this video from 2008 last night and I was just dying laughing.  I think Caleb must have been about 20 months, and the whole video is very indicative of how his little personality would develop.  Enjoy!